Thracean Forces

Tracean Occupying Force, Mardukas


In the year 2490, President Augustus  was shot and killed by an assasin who allegedly was acting under orders from extremist left-wing factions. It is now known the shooter was a Valhallan covert agent. He swallowed a cyanide capsule while in questioning by Ansharan authorities.

The people rallied behind the then Vice-President Alvaras, but within days of him taking office, a military coup led by General Jazira ousted him and declared martial law. Protestors took to the streets and a vicious crackdown followed. Radical elements within the protestors sparked brutal riots that quickly degenerated into civil war.

Then, in the spring of 2491, Prime Minister Bjorn Valkstad with the support of Defense Minister Sinclair, announced that Valhallan forces would topple the cruel military regime.
Tiama Occupation

Official Surrender to Valhallas

Valhallan forces quickly crushed the forces of General Jazira in a spectacular display of force with impressive tactics and coordination. Causualties were minimal and the people rejoiced at the prospect of liberation.

However Valhallan forces did not leave as expected and instead, through the use of their puppet, Minister Alessio Valtana, quickly announced the occupation of a now subservient Ansharan government based out of Tiama City.

Radical elements soon coalesced and the Anshar Resistance Front was born.


Anshar front

One of many hideouts of the Sons.

Sons of ShamashEdit

Covert branch of the resistance that uses espionage, terrorism, kidnapping, and assasination to further the cause of freedom for all Ansharans. While operating mainly out of Human-occupied Tiama , they have been known to work within the Trace system, elluding Tracean authorities. Current understanding is that they are led by Jhan Zamas out of Tiama City.

Resistance VanguardEdit

The rank-and-file of the movement with main operations out of Mardukas fighting Tracean forces for control of the Father World.


Typical Resistance Fighter