"I served under a brazen fool for longer than I care to think about. Now, it's my turn -- our turn. We will rise anew, and redeem the name of the Mynethas."



Mynetha/human hybrid






Neutral Evil


Genesin Assembler

Icthyo is a Mynetha/human hybrid who serves as a primary antagonist, and is a former member of the Genesin Assemblage. He, along with his partner Mireya, are responsible for Julyan Novas' displacement to the future, and thus are the catalysts for Aiden Menderson's quest to find him. He and Mireya masquerade as Julyan's parents, James and Jillian Novas, while living with him in the future timeline.



Icthyo is a hybrid between a member of the alien race known as Mynethas and a normal human, who adopted his current name based off the original title of his Mynethaic aspect. He began life as a pure Mynetha entity, coming into existence on the distant planet Myn.

After the First Exodus, an extermination protocol that the Mynethas enacted upon a section of humanity in the Middle Ages, Icthyo, like his brethren, found himself close to death, and along with the surviving members of his race, he melded his consciousness into the mind of a human. In this way, he could ensure his survival, as his consciousness passed through his host's descendents.

The surviving hybrids created an organization known as the Genesin Assemblage, seeking to exploit a loophole in a prior Mynethaic invention in order to free their Mynetha essences, and revitalize themselves to full power. This, according to their logic, could only be accomplished if they were to perish in the destruction of global armageddon.

An incident in the early 21st century that involved an attempt at such an armageddon critically failed, due to the betrayal of a fellow hybrid and the involvement of Julyan, Aiden, and six of their friends. Genesin, in the wake of this failure, was left in disarray and without a leader.

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