In the aftermath of the dismal White Death, a new frontier for humanity arose.


Schools of ThoughtEdit


Those who follow the teachings of Androkles. Espouses a belief in the power of the individual to shape events and reach enlightenment.


Those who follow the teachings of Sophia. Collective belief in the pursuit of knowledge and bearing oneself with rational thought at all times.


Those who follow the teachings of Eusebios. True enlightenment is a spiritual process and the Eusebians feel that the advent of Psions is part of a divine plan for Man's Salvation



Psion military forces are subject to the command of the Grand Marshall. Each faction is represented by its own Marshall and together the Grand Marshall and the Marshalls decide military policy. The Grand Marshall is only answerable to the Tyrant.


Overall authority within the Psions lies with the Tyrant who is elected by the Tribunal. The Tyrant has executive power but must share power with the Tribunal who may revoke his status with a unanimous vote. The Tribunal consists of the Patriarchs and Matriachs of the various factions.

Each School has its own similiar set up with the Patriarch or Matriach governing its own School. Each consult a Marshall who coordinates all military endeavors undertaken by the factions. However the Schools do not have their own Tribunals and succession is handled differently between the different Schools of Thought.